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  President Trump French President Macron Meet at NATO Summit  CSPAN  December 3, 2019 12:59pm-1:40pm EST

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part of the arms control. president trump: and i have to this, russia wants to make a deal on arms control. terminated the deal because they weren't living up to it. it was an obsolete deal anyway. to it, en't living up but russia wants to make a deal. a few weeks ago, russia wants to make a deal very much on arms nuclear.nd and that's smart. so do we. we think it's a good thing. in, as youinly bring know, china. e may bring them in later or may bring them in now, but russia wants to do something badly and so do we. it will be a great thing to do. reporter: [inaudible] prince andrew stepping down from royal duties. president trump: no, i don't andrew.ince but it's a tough story. it's a very tough story. no.n't know him, ok. anybody else? thank you.
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a lot of money. money.f >> president trump also met with french president macron this morning. here's a look at their news conference at the nato summit in london. . president trump: we had a fairly long relationship and a good one. we were discussing certain things. we had a long conversation afterwards. i want to pay my respects to the great -- 13 helicopters it. very sad. i got a report on t we talked about t please give my condolences to the families and to france. great fighters, you have done a
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fantastic job in that whole area. it's a tough area. we appreciate it very much. we'll be talking about a lot of things. including nato and trade. we do a lot of trade with france. we have a minor dispute. i think we'll probably be able to work it out. we have a big trade elationship. i'm sure within a short period of time things will be rosy. we had a lot of good -- a lot of good things. we have done a lot of good things together as partners. our countries have been partners in many good ventures. including some having to do with radical islam and others. it's always worked out. so i look forward to our discussion. we made a lot of progress in our first 25 minutes. and we intend to make a lot of progress in our next hour, maybe hour and a half. thank you very much. president macron: [speaking in
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peaking a foreign language]
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president trump: thank you very much. reporter: president trump, you have an understanding of what president ma kron was saying about nato? petroleum: -- president trump: we just began discussing nato. what i like about nato is a lot of countries have stepped up at my behest. and also yourself, you're close to the level. they have stepped up and put up a lot of money. i told you it was $130 million
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-- $130 billion. that's a lot. they are now stepping up again. it's going to be $400 billion over -- we have commitments for $400 billion. we just left the secretary-general and he -- he's got some things that are very important. and i discussed with him the flexibility so we have it not just with one area of the world, you and i discuss this all the time, we have all areas of the world because nato is a lot different than it was. now it's certainly a lot different over the last three years. we have a lot of countries stepping up and putting up a lot of money. the number as of this moment is exactly $131 billion. that's a year. that's a tremendous amount of money. but it's not enough. and they also have commitments for $400 billion. nato, which was really heading in the wrong direction three years ago, is heading down, if
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you look at a graph it was to a point where i don't think they could have gone on much longer, now it's actually very strong and getting stronger. many people are committed to that 2%. ultimately the 2% will be raised. the president and i think we need more flexibility. we both agree on that so we can use it for other things. not just looking at one specific country. a lot of people say it was meant to look at originally soviet union, now russia. but we also have other things to look at. whether it's radical islamic terrorism. whether it's the tremendous growth of china. there are a lot of other things. nato's becoming different than it was, much bigger than it was. and much stronger than it was because people are now fulfilling their commitments. there are some countries that aren't fulfilling their commitment. those countries will be dealt with maybe -- maybe i'll deal with them from a trade standpoint, maybe i'll deal with
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them in a different way. i'll work something out. we don't want to have people delinquent. it's fair for us to be involved, including france, to be involved you have countries that aren't paying their way. less than 1%. you have a couple that are less than 1%. not fair. nato's made a lot of progress over the last three years. and the word flexibility is very important. not just looking at one area, they are looking at the world. that's very important. to me it's very important. president macron: i know my statement created some reaction. and i have to say when you look at what nato even should be, first of all we seed the burdens here. president trump just remind you some figure. e fact that the u.s. overinvested decade after
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decade. which is number one by far. and i do share statement. i'm a supporter of nato. which is what you have done. we are investing. we are increasing our duties. when we speak about nato, it's not just about money. e have to be respectful. i do believe that in such circumstances we do pay what we have to pay. when i look at the situation in .yria, iraq it's impossible just to say, we have to put money, soldiers.
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we have to be clear what nato should be. his is not the case today. peace in europe. after the the end of the iron curtain, we have to build something new because for germany, france, and a lot of european countries to have new signs coming from russia. e need such a clarification. it it and k -- rance will help. it it inaudible]
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i'm sorry to say we don't have the definition around the table. we are fighting against those who fight with us. who fought with us. shoulder to shoulder against isis. and sometimes they work with isis. his is an issue. we don't have clear indications about the situation. i do believe we need a it let's be t clear and work together. . know we do share the same
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more european investment, i do agree. very efficient against terror groups. we have been clear. clear communication of these groups. president trump: one thing i would like to say you have been doing great job in africa and very much involved there. more than most. that's been fantastic. i appreciate you saying the united states for decades had been paying really way, way disproportionately too much for nato. and you have other countries paying far too little very directly benefited by it. and by the united states involvement. we are changing that around somewhat. it's very important. very important player. nato certainly is not the same thing as we discussed and discussed it at length.
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this morning we discussed it with secretary-general stoltenberg. we are behind you 100%. all of the money that's been raised and all these countries that are putting up money, it's a great thing to see. we do have a great -- we really have a different objective, i think, right now. we are looking at a much bigger picture. that includes it -- you mentioned iraq. it really includes iran, too, i think. if you look what's going on in iran, they have massive riots. they are having protests all over the country. and they are killing a lot of people. everybody knows that. that's why they turned off their internet system so nobody can find out. if the media would go there, i think it's very hard for the media to go there right now, but they are killing a lot of people. but nato has come a long way in three years. and it's something that we are very proud of. we are with them. and nato serves a fantastic function if everybody's involved.
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if they are not involved -- i really believe that the president is very much involved and likes the idea of nato, but he wants it also to be utilized properly. if it's not utilized properly, we all agree, right, that's no good. we have had a very good discussion. a lot of people, we are meeting with a lot of countries later, as you know, and they are stepping up for the most part they are all stepping um up. we have one or two that aren't. we have to deal with them in a different way. we'll deal with them on trade. we have a lot of power with respect to trade. they make a fortune with the united states. and then they don't pay their bills. that's no good. but nato's come a long way in three years and it's become very powerful. very, very powerful. it's become, i think, a much fairer statement in terms of the united states. we are able to go down a little bit. we were paying 4% to 4.3% of the largest g.d.p. ever. nobody's ever had a g.d.p. like
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we have right now. nobody's come close. and other people were paying 1%. some people were paying less than 1% after very small g.d.p. not fair. if they get attacked, we protect them. but it's not fair. a lot of changes have been made. reporter: mr. president what, is your message for president cron about the tech k what will your conversation be -- president trump: i think we'll be able to work something out. maybe not. maybe we'll do it through taxing. but the tech -- american dps, tech companies you are talking about, they are not my favorite people because they are not exactly for me. but that's ok. i don't care. they are american companies. and we want to tax american companies. it's not for somebody else to tax them. as the president knows we tax wine and other taxes scheduled.
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but we'd rather not to do that. it's either going to work out or we'll work out some mutually beneficial tax. and the tax will be substantial. and aim not sure it's going to come to that, but it might. it might. reporter: mr. president, has france committed to step up -- president trump: i haven't asked that of the president today. we have a tremendous amount of captured fighters, isis fighters over in syria. and they are all under lock and key. but many from france, many from germany, many from u.k. mostly from europe. and some of the countries are agreeing -- i have not spoken to the president about that. would you like some nice isis fighters? i can give them to you. you can take everyone you want. president macron: thereto a lot of number of fighters.
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isis fighters coming from syria, iraq. it's true you have foreign fighters coming from europe. it's the problem we have in the region. i think number one priority, because it's not finished. is to get rid of isis. this is our number one priority. in ou see that fighters syria and now iraq. and more and more. make the situation more difficult to fix the situation against isis. second, some of this foreign --ghters are being in iraq [inaudible] for children and we will have --
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but for me the very first objective is to finish war against isis. don't make any mistake. number one problem with the foreign fighters. it's the isis fighters. more and more fighters due to the situation today. president trump: this is why he's a great politician. that was one of the greatest nonanswers i ever heard. that's ok. president macron: sometimes you have to have patience. it this is your responsibility, i'm sorry to say that. we have some of our people. the situations that is number one. not to be ambiguous with the work. this is why. we talk about our relation was urkey.
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president trump: france has taken back some fighters. we have a lot of fighters. we captured a lot of people. and we have captured 100% of the caliphate. -- we that that means sent a small contingent in and went at another portion of isis. we don't want to happen to me what happened with president obama where it reformed and became stronger than it was in the first place. we don't want that to happen. as i said before, we have takeen the oil. we have the oil. we have total control of the oil so that they are not going to be able to use that. they used that oil to really -- to fuel up their wealth. to fuel up their money. that was their primary source of income. we have now lists of where these contributions come from, which is very important. you have people contributing if you can believe it. some of these people are wealthy people that made contributions. we have lists -- we learned a
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lot. when we got al-baghdadi, that was great get. when we killed him and we have a lot of information that i'm revealing now for the first time, but we also got a lot of good information. a lot of things are happening. and france has been very helpful. i have to say they have been very, very helpful. any other questions? reporter: peaking a foreign language] president macron: [speaking a foreign language] -- president macron: speaking a foreign language]
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president trump: i largely agree with t i came into a position where the european union was making anywhere from $100 billion to $150 billion a year in deficits to the united states. they were making it. we were losing it. and so we had to do something that is fair. not severe. fair, we are losing tremendous amounts of money. as you know the european union is very strong on barriers.
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barriers meaning certain of our products can't come in. including agricultural product. it just can't come in. we can't sell it. yet the european union sells openly to the united states. generally untaxed or taxed at a low level. these are problems that we are talking about. these are problems that we are working on. the digital tax is the least of it. i inherited a situation where the european union, which was formed partially for this reason, for a lot of reasons it was formed, but partially to make better or take advantage of the united states. and they have done that very brilliantly. ikely not right. i have exposed it. a lot of people didn't know it. and we are doing things about t we have no choice because the united states can't continue to lose the kind of money they have lost over the last -- literally since formation of the european union. i think we'll work something out. they want to talk as you know.
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the new head wants to talk, who is supposed to be a very highly respected woman. i look forward to meeting her. they want to meet. but we have a very unfair trade situation where the u.s. loses a lot of money for many, many years with the european union. billions and billions of dollars. to be specific over $150 billion a year. we don't want to be doing that. and we can make a deal and we can take a harsh approach, we can solve that problem instantaneously if we want to. i don't want to do that. these are friends of ours. these are people that we had very extraordinary relationships with. i do personally and i'm sure we can work something out. reporter: you mentioned earlier the iran protest. does the united states support these protestors in iran? president trump: don't want to comment on that. but the answer's no. i don't want to comment on that. reporter: mr. president, to do it president trump:
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we have a very good relationship with turkey. and with president erdogan. i do. i can't speak for the president. we have a very good relationship. we pulled our soldiers out. you can patrol your own border now. we are not going to have soldiers patrolling the border that's been fought over for 2,000 years. but we took our soldiers out. we put some of those soldiers around the oil where we captured the oil and taken the oil. we have the oil. but -- and we brought some home. we'll be bringing some home. and we have sent some to other areas. we have a very good relationship with turkey. reporter: -- president macron: with turkey.
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the european union and france i do respect leaders, whatever they can say. it now the question for this summit, we need clarification from the turkish ide. i don't believe we need two clarifications. how is it possible to be a ,ember of the alliance, to work to buy. it it lly it is not -- and from turkey that they want all the decorations of summit if we do not agree.
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-- president trump: we'll be discussing that with the president. reporter: mr. president, will you issue sanctions on turkey. president trump: we are looking at it now. we are talking about it now. as you know, turkey wanted to buy our patriot system. and the obama administration wouldn't let them. and they only let them when they were ready to buy another system. which is not the same system. but turkey for a long period of time wanted very much to buy the patriot system, which is our system, which is what nato uses, which is a great system. which is the best system.
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but they wouldn't sell it to turkey. there are two sides to the story. i have to say this. but we will be discussing that with turkey in a little while. we'll be meeting with turkey in a little while. and also tomorrow. president macron: one of the person explain by the refusal a few years ago of the americans not to sell the patriot, even totally european option client with nato. it's not enough to be client with nato. reporter: mr. president, prime minister johnson is organizing some sort of discussion later today about syria conflict. are you going to take part in that? and if not, why? president trump: are you talking
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about ambassador? reporter: prime minister. yes. ent trump: we'll be meeting with prime minister johnson in a little while. i'll be seeing him later on. we are going over to number 10 which is a very exciting place to be as you know. we'll be discussing a lot of different things, yes. reporter: one other related question, the london bridge attack a few days ago, do you have any comment here your first day? president trump: i don't any comment other than to say that i was very proud of those people that did such a good job between the fire eng continuing wishers and whatever else. it was an amazing job. he was very violent. you could see that. this was captured very much on tape. i think the way the -- i think they were british citizens.
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the way they stepped up was incredible. that was really great. a terrible thing. terrible attack. a lot of people very badly hurt. i believe three or four killed. is it four now today? and it's terrible. it's a terrible thing. i know it's an act of terrorism. it's been declared an act of terrorism. radical islamic terrorism, by the way. it's very bad. very bad. i think the way they stepped up to me that was something very special. president trump: we have to be prepared whether it's russia or somebody else, we have to be
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prepared. but we have a pretty similar view on that. i think we feel we can get along with russia. i think it's a good thing to get along with russia. i can't paint on it. people like it. people would like to see it, too. a lot of good can come of it. the purpose of nato is that. but the purpose of nato can be much more. that's where we are showing the flexibility over the last period f two years. [speaking in n: french]
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president macron: [speaking in rench] president trump: i think the situation in ukraine is very important. i think that the meetings coming up with russia and ukraine are very important. and there's a possibility that some very big progress can be made. it's very important for ukraine. i think it's very important from the standpoint of russia, also. that they work out a treaty. they work out peace. because they have been fighting a long time, too long. i think there's a real good chance that that will happen. also with respect to nuclear weapons i have spoken to president putin and communicated
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with him and we are -- we very much want to work out a treaty of some kind on nuclear weapons. that will probably -- that will include china at some point and yourselves, by the way. it will include china and some other countries. we intend to see if we can work something out to stop the proliferation, to stop what's happening. frankly king a lot and the whole situation with nuclear is not -- it's not a good situation. we ended the treaty because it wasn't being adhered to by the other side. they want to make a treaty and so do we. i think it's one of the most important things we can do. we'll begin with russia on a treaty where we -- we are focused on nuclear and nuclear weapons, missiles, and we think something could be worked out.
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we think they want to do it. we know they want to do it. we want to do it also. i spoke to china about it. they did it during one of our trade negotiations they were extremely excited about getting involved in that. so some very good things could happen with respect to that. i think it's very important. the whole nuclear situation, very, very important. thank you-all very much. thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. isit] >> after his briefing with the french president, president trump clarified his statement that the u.s. doesn't support iran demonstrators. an estimated 180 protestors were killed during protests of a gas price increase this week. president trump tweeting, the united states of america supportshe